Labor & Employment Law

As experienced litigators in the business and corporate world, the attorneys at SaucedoChavez, P.C. have a strong record of defending employers in a variety of disputes including discrimination and harassment, wrongful termination, wage claims, and any manner of employment-related contract disputes in Albuquerque and statewide throughout New Mexico.

Discrimination and Harassment

The bottom line for employers is that any unfavorable job action is likely open to a claim that the action was taken for an unlawful discriminatory motive. Even baseless claims must still be defended, and the convoluted legal process with its shifting burdens of proof and persuasion requires the help of skilled and knowledgeable litigators to navigate through to a positive outcome. Our firm’s experience in representing employers in variety of discrimination and harassment claims is sure to help you reach a successful outcome in defending your case.

Wrongful Termination

Because the general rule of “at will” employment has many exceptions, employers unfortunately may find themselves sued for wrongful discharge on the grounds of illegal discrimination or a public policy ground such as whistleblowing and retaliatory discharge. Even absent a written contract, workers may allege that contractual rights were granted through oral promises or statements in company policies and employee handbooks. Virtually any termination may be challenged by the employee, and a strong, aggressive response is often the swiftest path to a successful resolution for the employer.

Wage Claims

Wage and hour claims present a significant risk of exposure to employers. Specifically,employers may be forced to defend claims of unpaid overtime that go back several years and lead to penalties and interest on top of any judgment for unpaid wages. In addition, many employees may feel that the same rule was violated as to them, such as being misclassified as exempt from overtime, requiring employers to defend against multiple claims or class action lawsuits.

Contract Disputes

Our firm’s experience in commercial litigation and contract matters extends to the interpretation enforcement, and defense of employment agreements, including employment contracts,covenants not to compete, confidentiality clauses, non-solicitation agreements, and severance agreements. Protecting the employer’s rights in these instances often goes beyond the agreement itself and can be essential to the overall security and reputation of the business in the marketplace.

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