Commercial Litigation

At the Albuquerque law office of SaucedoChavez, P.C., our business and corporate lawyers engage in commercial litigation on behalf of companies and individuals throughout New Mexico, litigating contract disputes, partnership disputes and shareholder derivative suits in construction and real estate, labor and employment, and across the realm of commercial business.

Contract Disputes

Some form of contractual relationship underlies nearly every business transaction, and it is a fact of doing business that disputes will arise. When they do, the goal is to resolve the matter as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. We have found that this is best accomplished in most instances through a pro-active, aggressive litigation posture. Not all matters will require litigation to resolve, and we are always willing to arbitrate or settle any claim when it is in our client’s best interests to do so.

Partnership Disputes

Partnerships disputes can arise at any stage in the life of a business, from business formation and the negotiation of buy-sell agreements, to daily operational decisions and business succession planning or dissolution. Not all partnership disputes necessarily lead to the end of the partnership affiliation. Whether the parties to the dispute are family or have formed long-term personal relationships, we take care to resolve the dispute in the client’s best interests with sensitivity and respect toward the ongoing personal and professional relationship between the parties.

Shareholder Derivative Suits

As the owners of a corporation, shareholders have a legitimate interest in how the business is run. But as they are not involved in the day-to-day operations, they may not fully appreciate the decisions that are made at the management and corporate levels, including the business judgment of officers and directors. Depending upon the circumstances, the corporation may find itself in the position of a plaintiff or a defendant in the action. Our business and corporate attorneys help our clients through these tangled webs of litigation, arriving at the right result in the company’s best interests.

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